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Booze, Food, and Beignets: Welcome to New Orleans Baby!

Booze, Food, and Beignets: Welcome to New Orleans Baby!


Welcome to New Orleans Baby!! That was the first thing I heard when getting off of my flight and stepping into the glory that is New Orleans. With my sunglasses and family in tow I was ready to hit the streets of New Orleans full force! A short Uber ride and we arrived at the Omni Royal Hotel located in the French Quarter. With twin grand stair cases and antique chandeliers the ambiance at this hotel made me not only feel welcome but like I was a queen returning to my own palace. After checking in the family and I began our celebration of family and my aunts 45th birthday by hopping in an Uber and riding to Poydras Street where we boarded the Creole Queen Jazz Riverboat Cruise which we got for a steal on Groupon. The jazz tour gave us beautiful views, amazing music, expertly poured drinks, and an overall good time. After dancing, drinking, and laughing so much my cheeks hurt we left our cruise to hit Bourbon street. It was the first time for many of the family so the lights, music, and sheer number of people was overwhelming. We made our way to Oceana Grill where the fried fish, local favorites, and courteous service made all 13 of us feel right at home! Our first night in NOLA was an absolute success. To top it all off we had the delicious and potent vodka soaked gummies of Slush Frozen Cocktails which had us dancing the night away.


Day 2 was filled with yet another day of can’t miss New Orleans experiences. We all took the street car which was only $3.00 for an all day pass which lasts a full 24 hours so if you plan correctly it can be used for 2 days of fun which is what some of our party opted to do. We took the street car to the famous French Market where you are surrounded by smells of fresh seafood, artisan goods, and every souvenir you could imagine! This market not only caters to the foodie in me but also exposed the family to the delicacies of New Orleans . After a day full at the market we all donned our all white for my aunts birthday dinner at The Court of the Two Sisters which unlike the reviews was a bit of a disappointment. The restaurant was beautiful very reminiscent of a southern plantation house. The servers were tailored in formal service wear, and the white table cloths were in full supply. Unfortunately that is where the beauty ended as we waited over an hour for luke warm, rubbery appetizers, delayed drink service, and when we decided the experience was something we no longer wanted, the manager met us with irritation and poor customer service despite the fact that we were willing to pay for everything that was already on the table. Leaving that place and making sure to stop and use the beautiful scenery for bomb photos on the way out lol we made our way to one of the best meals we had while in NOLA. We found Mambo’s which boasted a rooftop view of Bourbon street where we had a birds eye view of the thousands of people below, cocktails that knocked us on our butts and more food than our bellies could handle. The service was amazing and the bartenders made sure we were catered to in every way. Making our way from the rooftop we ventured down to the Krazy Korner where we heard a mix of reggae, hip hop, and devoured jello shots in giant syringes brought around by beautiful bottle girls who make it an interactive experience by feeding them to you with the pulse of the music cheering you on! After that wild night we staggered back to the stoop of our hotel where we laughed and recounted the night while asking ourselves how the hell we were going to make it up those twin staircases to get back to our rooms LMFAO!


On our last day of our whirlwind trip my grandmother and aunt enjoyed an amazing brunch at Oceana ( menu available by clicking the link). After that we ventured to what was one of the greatest finds of our trip a LIQUOR STORE ! lol. Now I know what your thinking what is so great about a liquor store? Well Vieux Carre’ Wine and Spirits isn’t just any liquor store. The owner an amazing older gentleman Mr. Blaise (sp?) was a pleasure from the moment we walked in. Not only are they knowledgeable about the variety or liquors they stock but they also make cocktails in the store for 5 bucks! Let me say that again THEY MAKE COCKTAILS IN THE STORE FOR 5 BUCKS!!!!! I had a hurricane that knocked me on my butt, and he even let me sample a whiskey I was interested in. My aunt acquired some one of a kind wines to take home and they even chilled Patron Mango that we bought and poured us shots to toast our trip with! This is an absolute must see place while in NOLA! We called Bike Taxi Unlimited and requested a fleet of bike taxis for our last dinner together. Okay it was only 5 but still it looked pretty daunting and made us feel like we were NOLA royalty and all eyes were on us! We rode them laughing, and having a great time to one of the best restaurants in New Orleans Deanie’s Seafood . This place was filled to the brim with people both locals and out of towners letting us know we were in for a great meal. The foodie in me was jumping up and down with excitement and Deanie’s absolutely delivered! From plates piled high with fried shrimp, fish, and clams to crab dips, and more they even appealed to my inner hungry girl by giving us red skin whole potatoes in place of the typical table bread and drinks in giant lobster cups that rivaled any I’ve ever had. Note to diners the restaurant will not serve men without sleeves on their shirts so fellas leave the tanks at the hotel but just know it is all worth it. My recommendation is after the amazing meal you will get there hitch a ride to the historical and famous Café Du Monde for a delectable beignet and cold brew coffee while you enjoy the hum of Jackson Square’s music, artists and street performers * Click the Jackson Square link for more info, city tours, and more* . New Orleans was an amazing trip for my family . We got to celebrate my aunts 45th in style while coming together across generations to experience things none of us will ever forget. From my sister and best friend dancing at sunset with my aunt on the Mississippi River to live jazz, my bestie jumping into a celebratory second line with the wedding party, to my grandmother and great aunt enjoying guided cemetery tours and even all of us heads thrown back in laughter as we rode through the city on bikes this trip is one for the books and I hope your trip will be too! Welcome to New Awlins’ Baby!!!

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