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#Lizzbians Stand Up: Why Women Need Artists Like Lizzo

#Lizzbians Stand Up: Why Women Need Artists Like Lizzo

Every generation needs an “it” girl. A woman that is relatable yet fierce, that everyone can aspire to possess a characteristic of. It is my firm belief that our generation's “it” girl is the enigmatic, humble, talented, #curvaceous , #classic Lizzo.


My 1st introduction to the Queen of my morning routine Lizzo was during my normal solo Netflix and chill. My boyfriend works 2nd shift so I deem my daily 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. slot my #metime. #Metime typically consists of Netflix, comfortable pants, and a snack of my choosing and depending on my level of hormonal craving it can be a cookie or a whole bag of sugary snacks. Anyway, one night snacks to my left, and pillow to my right with remote in hand I came across a trailer for Someone Great. While the movie is big on laughs and characters I loved , the song playing in the trailer with scenes of pure #sisterhood introduced me to the sounds of Lizzo's Truth Hurts for the first time and I was hooked! With my fingers speeding across my glowing cell phone screen I began searching all I could about this musical unicorn. From songs like 'Scuse me and Boys, to Water Me and Juice her music became the back drop to my everyday life. Each song igniting a different emotion or memory and every single one just itching to be shared with the queens in my life.


Songs like Tempo which, is an ode to #curvy women everywhere make you want to stand in the mirror and shake everything yo momma gave you, while reminding you that you can be sexy no matter your size. Then she kicked me in the chest by adding #videovanguard winner Missy Elliott to the track and I swear my ears and heart died and went to heaven!


It was when I got to Soulmate that I found myself lost in my head with the song on repeat chanting the words , “I'm a queen but I dont need no crown." Soulmate is #selfcare in music form if I've ever heard it. It's tells you to love yourself, treat yourself, and know that you are worth loving every single day. To put it simply ," Look yourself in the mirror like yea she the one."


Like she said in her iconic #VMAs2019 performance, " Its so hard to love yourself in a world that doesn't love you back! So I just want to take THIS moment and feel GOOD AS HELL because you deserve to feel good as hell! "

* Check out her amazing performance and speech below*

She started preaching, shouting, and praising self and I WAS HERE FOR IT ALL!!! Lol


Messages like this one are so important because living as a woman in 2019 means being able to silence the TV ads asking if normal everyday tasks have you "depressed" ( making you think your life sucks), seeing size 1 models with size large asses and no waist (being told this is a "fit and sexy" body), all while listening to men on social media who have become over night "experts" on how women should dress, feel, and act, if you want to be "chosen". Its enough to make your head spin and your waist trainer pop! Constantly being told you require "too much" while giving "too little" when in reality the only one we ask too much of and give too little to is the person you see in the mirror each morning.


Juggling all of that can be exhausting so to turn on songs that tell you, " True love isnt something you can buy yourself. True love happens when your by yourself," you are reminded that no matter what happens in your day you hold the power and the ability to truly love and value yourself even when no one else does. This is a lesson we can all stand to learn at some point as we naturally give and give without pouring into our own cups and taking time to replenish our self worth wells.


Artists like Lizzo remind today's women that the rat race is cool but living a life where you love yourself and all that you do is better. With her megawatt smile and infectious beats, topped with a dose of body positivity and sprinkled with self care and love Lizzo is a friend every woman needs and artist all women can love...

* Sits back adjusts earbuds and vibes out…*


For a bit of ear candy click here to listen to Lizzo’s latest album Cuz I Love You !

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